"Poor Meadows Lukas Der Uberlebende"
Call name: "Lukas"
Red Brindle Male
King of his harem!!!
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State of Maine
Dept. of Agriculture, Animal
Welfare Program
Passed with flying colors &
much praise for the care &
conditions of our wonderful
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"The Boys"
"The Girls"
"Lily of Poor Meadows"
Call name: "Lily"
Black/Tan Female
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
With her siblings
at 5 weeks
6 weeks
8 weeks
11 weeks
16 weeks
6 months
One Year Old
Our very special "Precious".
From Millie & Dozer's
December 11, 2010 litter. My
beautiful Millie's amazing gift
to me. Miracle Merry aka
"Precious" fought to make it &
did. There were those that said
she wouldn't but here she is,
now four Years Old.
"Precious" is 7lbs of spoiled
energy that keeps myself & the
dachshunds on our toes &
paws!! Mischievous, playful &
naughty. I wouldn't have it any
other way.
Millie died & left me this
"Precious" girl for a reason. I
am still not sure what that
reason is exactly but for now,  
her & I take it one day at a time.
We currently have no males.
3 Years Old

4 years old
"Loon's Sweet Taffy Gal at Poor Meadows"
Call Name: Taffy
Chocolate/Tan Smooth
From our "Loon" & "Chip"
Hill N'Dales Chip Off The Ole Block
Owned by Christine Carpenter
Chocolate Based Red Smooth
A gently, quiet soul!!